This is Emil Gustafsson

Hello, and welcome. I hope you have enjoyed my portfolio.
Im a 27 year old driven guy from the South of Sweden and I live in the city Helsingborg.
I'm in a relationship with my beautiful Amanda who supports me a lot in my interest of photography.
 I have been enjoying the creativity of photography since I went to high school,
 where I met with Carl Ljungberg, in my eyes one of Sweden best photographers. 
With him I had some training after high school and have learnt a lot from.

For now though photography is not my main source of income, it is my main interest though.

Im working fulltime in a transport Company as a projectmanager.
In my nature in always interested to learn new things that's why IM also studying some Courses in the collage on distance. 

 For me it's not the photo that is the important thing it is the feeling you get by watching the photo.
Thank you!